Lexus IS Achieves Major Milestone: 1 Million Marks Achieved

Aug 31, 2016 08:13 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

After 17 years, Lexus is celebrating a milestone as they already sold one million units of the Lexus IS achieved late last July.It is recalled that during the last April the Lexus hybrid drive also hit the same milestone and sold one million units.

It seems like yesterday when we started seeing those fancy Japanese vehicles of the young brand Lexus rolling down our streets. They did not manufacture many but build the reputation of their brand with their recognizable racks with the L inclined within a small oval which already appeared in dozens of TV shows and American movies.

Lexus was born in the late 80s as a premium brand of Toyota Motor Corp., wanting to fight in the US market against other automobile firms already establishing an upper-class brand of car. Thus was born the Lexus LS 400, a passenger car with a decent admire technology for that time and the rest is history where Lexus created multiple lines of vehicles including the Lexus IS.

The Lexus IS is a midsize sedan that caters to the upper-middle class people market. A sleek and sporty different car, premium, rear - wheel drive, which can compete greatly to the Mercedes C Class or BMW 3 Series. It had its distinctive pilot transparent lights that many people had loved.

Later, in 2004, come the second generation of the Japanese model. The second Lexus IS modernize its image updated both aesthetically and mechanically but unfortunately for many lovers of the previous model, the striking pilot lights were gone. In 2007 the brand presented the Lexus IS F , the sports version powered by a V8 5-liter petrol and air admission that reached 423 horses.

In 2013 the third generation of the Lexus IS was born and is the current model today. As in the two previous occasions, the concept, an elegant, technological, comfortable and sporty premium vehicle remained strong. Unfortunately, it has lost some of its essence, currently only offered with a mechanical hybrid that combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor and delivers 223 horses.

Currently, the brand owned by Toyota sells about 6,000 units a month of the Lexus IS midsize sedan, and they would need almost 14 years to reach the figure of 2 million marketings if it keeps its current records, but hopes are high for the 2017 Lexus IS. 

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