London Taxis Offer Free Ride in Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Jun 22, 2012 12:33 PM EDT | Brice Smith


As part of promoting and protecting a greener environment, professional taxi drivers in England will be ditching their black cars for a Nissan Leaf, electric vehicle this weekend. 

As part of the effort, a fleet of zero-emission Nissan Leaf vehicles will be cruising the roads of England June 23-24 and will offer a free taxi ride to anyone that sends a Tweet incorporating the hashtag '#6XCHEAPER' mentioning their destination.

"This is part of a campaign designed to get people to turn on to 100 percent electric driving by busting many of the myths and highlighting the many benefits of electric cars, including incredibly low fuel costs," Managing Director of Nissan GB, Jim Wright said. "By offering free taxi rides, we aim to show hundreds of people just how practical and affordable the Nissan leaf is to run. As each journey costs us so little, we're not charging passengers-there's no point quibbling over a few pence."

According to a statement released from Nissan, "A trip from London to Heathrow Airport would cost a Nissan leaf driver just 28 pence in electricity, while the driver of a petrol-powered vehicle would have to pay 1.68 pounds. A 60-mile trip to Oxford would cost the Nissan leaf less than 1 pound, while a petrol motorist would have to shell out 6 pounds."

"The hashtag is meant to emphasis the point that recharging an electric vehicle is, six times cheaper than fuelling a similar sized petrol car. Using off-peak electricity, it costs 1.75 pence to travel one mile in a Nissan Leaf but more than 10 pence per mile in your conventional vehicle," reads the statement.

According to Nissan, London still needs more electricity charging centers.

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