10 Famous Hollywood Stars Who Owns The Most Expensive Cars: Austin Rivers Bought a Ferarri F12 Berlinetta for $300,000

Aug 11, 2016 07:12 AM EDT | Eve C.


Los Angeles Clippers star Austin Rivers just bought a Ferarri F12 Berlinetta with a tag price of $300,000 after signing his $35 M contract for the team.

The athlete took his new vehicle for an upgrade as well. As per TMZ, Ultimate Auto in Orlando installed a full matte metallic charcoal wrap, custom wheels and more which cost around $25k.  

According to Ferrari's official website, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is one of "the most powerful Ferrari of the range product." The specifications include a whopping V12 engine, packed with a maximum power of 545 KW (740 CV) at 8250 RPM. 

More than that, the car also has an acceleration of 8.5 sec/ 0-200 km/h and a power of 2.1 KG/CV. Well, Rivers must have made the right choice.

Amidst the situation that the gas and insurance' prices continues to skyrocket, these sports and Hollywood celebrities still choose to buy luxurious automobiles. Aside from Austin Rivers and his Ferarri F12 Berlinetta, let us take a look at these 10 celebrities and car collectors who owned the most expensive cars, courtesy of Little Things:

  1. Paul Pappalardo- the Connecticut-based car collector owns a Ferrari 250 GTO with a whopping price of $52 M. This is the most expensive car up to date.
  2. Jay-Z- Beyonce's husband bought a Maybach Exelero which costs him $8M.
  3. Flo Rida- the popular rapper got himself a Golden Bugatti Veyron for $2.7 M.
  4. 50 Cent- another rapper on the list. He bought a Lamborghini Gallardo for $2M.
  5. Simon Cowell- the "American Idol" judge owns a Bugatti Veyron with a tag price of $1.7 M.
  6. Kanye West- Kim Kardashian's husband drives a Lamborghini Aventador priced at $750,000.
  7. Jerry Seinfeld- the American comedian purchased a Porsche 959 for $700,000.
  8. Nicholas Cage- the veteran actor owns a Ferrari Enzo which costs $670,000.
  9. Jay Leno- the television host has an eye for Mercedes SLT McLaren, prized for half a million dollars.
  10. Rick Ross- the third rapper on the compilation, who owns a Maybach 57 for $430,000.

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