Porsche Pulls Out At 2017 Detroit Auto Show; The Reason Revealed

Jul 29, 2016 06:32 AM EDT | Eve C.


Porsche, one of the most leading automakers in the world, pulls out from the upcoming 2017 Detroit Auto Show. The company reportedly thinks that participating in the said event has "no fiscal sense" anymore.

The German automobile manufacturer will instead focus on the highly-regarded Los Angeles and New York Show. Notably, these two car exhibitions have high attendance rate.

Autoweek reported that Porshe thinks it did not fit their aim. According to the website, Detroit car exhibitions attract a lot of media attention but only focuses on the new stuff. However, the event has a relatively low attendance rate.

Thus far, the company thinks that it may not benefit their current models. Porsche is also concern about their monetary efforts. Porsche explained to the German magazine, Auto Motor Und Sports magazine that participating in car shows does not heighten their profits anymore.

To cite an example, Porsche' newest model, the Panamera, was not even introduced in any car shows at all. Why? They must have thought that alluring buyers in car show were not really their thing.

Meanwhile, Autoblog believes that the company's rationale is reasonable. The automaker previously skipped the 2009 NAIAS for the same reason.

Also, Jaguar Land Rover, Mini, and Tesla pull out of the Detroit's event last year due to the fact that the show mainly focuses on debuting new cars; but with relatively low attendance.

On the other hand, NAIAS reportedly stated that the absence of huge companies is an "abrupt change of pace."

Before, people were excited about the new and previous cars and would like to experience the feel of it. But the car lovers who are bound to attend the upcoming event must expect differently this time.

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