What Happens When A Ford Festiva Gets A V6 From A Taurus SHO? Jay Leno Shows Off 1 Of 7 Sample Models Made In The '90s

Apr 26, 2016 06:00 AM EDT | Vanessa Doctor


A new Ford Festiva Shogun was recently shown off by Jay Leno, which is actually a Ford Festiva with a V6 engine from a Taurus SHO. The comedian and car collector presented one of seven sample models that were made during the 1990s.

Chuck Beck and Nick Titus, both engineers, came up with the idea of making the mid-engine Festiva, writes Motor Authority. They only built seven sample models with Leno getting one of these. The cost of the Ford Festiva Shogun was about the same as a Porsche 911, or about $42,000, although Leno said that the former was faster.

The Ford Festiva Shogun features a 220-horsepower V6 engine built by Yamaha, while the car only weighs 2,200lbs. The original Ford Festiva only featured a 63-horsepower engine. The engine was transferred from the hood to the backseat area to showcase a mid-engine layout.

Leno’s hatchback also had nitrous oxide boosters to allow the tiny sedan to church up to 300 horsepower. The whole underside of the car was also redesigned to make it rear-wheel drive. A special body kit was installed to accommodate its new wide stance and bigger tires. Although the Ford Festiva Shogun lacks some in the aesthetics section, it packs a lot of power that makes it a must-have among car enthusiasts like Leno.

The host featured his gray Ford Festiva Shogun, which he reportedly owns for 26 years already, in “Jay Leno’s Garage,” writes Road and Track. His model is said to be the third among the seven. Leno was featured driving the Shogun at high speeds. The sound of the powerful engine moving the car could be heard from outside.

Leno mentioned that the 5-speed gearbox was maintained, although much of the car has been altered to give it the power that the creators envisioned. He also gave a quick background about Beck and Titus. The car could accelerate from zero to 60mph in five seconds, which was excellent in its time. Leno also kept the original brochure stating all the specifications. Leno said he was the first to get a copy in the mail.

The Ford Festiva Shogun was featured on the cover of a number of magazines several years ago, together with Leno. Despite all the advertisements and coverage that the car had, only seven units were sold. Leno thought that it was probably because of the car’s appearance. He described the Shogun as a “sleeper,” which he liked because it was underestimated when it came out.

More updates and details are expected soon.

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