Chevrolet’s Prince Tribute, A Powerful One-Page Color Ad

Apr 23, 2016 01:37 PM EDT | Alvin Lavine

Tribute to music legend Prince has been pouring in and out of the entertainment world. But what caught the attention of many is Chevrolet's simple but powerful full-page tribute in newspapers.

The world was shocked and heartbroken over the sudden death of Prince Thursday. Since then, tributes are pouring in from all around the world. Car companies attempted tributes for the late recording artist, but Chevrolet's tribute to the Purple Rain hitmaker seems the one that makes much more noise.

After the shocking death of Prince on Thursday, Chevrolet created a fitting ad to say goodbye to the pop superstar Prince, Fox 2 reports.  Chevrolet sent a tweet depicting a crimson 1963 Corvette -- a reference to a popular Prince song "Little Red Corvette." Chevy's crafty tribute was posted on Facebook and soon after in print too.

On Friday, Chevrolet placed a one-page ad in six newspapers across the country, including USA Today, Detroit Free Press and New York Times. The one-page ad features the stylish back part of a crimson 1963 Corvette at the bottom and pictured in pitch black background. A lovely message in white says "Baby, that was much too fast," and right below the epitaph was 1958-2016.

GM's presentation of brand was reserve to avoid that promotional feel. According to Craig Daitch, advertising spokesman of Chevrolet, they want to do the tribute in a tasteful way. "We didn't want to make the piece about Chevrolet. This was a tribute to Prince and Prince fans," he says.  With that said, they came up with a striking one-page color ad tribute the late singer.

In the end, the creativity behind the ad delivered a simple but powerful tribute without giving it a promotional feel. ADWeek says the way Chevrolet honored Prince after his death was so good that it received outpouring approval and support. Chevy's Corvette tribute was simply amazing.

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