Auto Industry Now Believes Electric Vehicles Are Superior, Higher Record Number Of Sales Expected This Year

Apr 19, 2016 07:41 AM EDT | Tes Christiansen

The introduction of automakers on electric cars is finally getting the recognition it deserves.  More and more people these days are now being won over by the nice driving experience offered by electric vehicles. 

According to GreenCarReports, the instant torque action delivered as well as these cars' low-noise operation have been helpful in giving its drivers the much needed better driving experience. At this point, auto manufacturers are seeing a huge chance of continuing to promote the said technology and have been busy conceptualizing new models for their respective brands. Although low gas price commodities have affected auto sales for the past year, car makers are stepping up to meet EV production as well as tougher emissions standards.

During the 2016 SAE World Congress, Larry Nitz, an executive director of GM's hybrid and powertrain engineering unit, said that the EV concept presented a challenge explaining it to their customers. However, Nitz is hopeful that word-of-mouth marketing can help ease customers' anxiety over electric cars.

Senior chief engineer of Honda Yasuyuki Sando also stated that manufacturers can further encourage buyers with their electric cars by focusing on its aesthetics, just like what Elon Musk did for the Tesla Model S, as per the news agency.

The U.K, also breaks ground with a recorded number of close to 11K EV sales during Q1 2016, reports AutoBlog. It was noted that March shared a high percentage of electric car sales, which was at 7,144. The sale increases alone (about 1/5 of the EU's electric car sales) are a clear indication that the U.K. government has been successful enough in advocating its Plug-In Car Grant, which was passed in 2011.

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