Dubai's Classic Cars to Get Special Licenses

Jun 05, 2012 11:14 AM EDT | Bhanu Prakash E S


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai, UAE has launched a special licensing service for some of the rarest classic cars in the country. 

But before the special licensing numbers are given out, the cars must be proved to be 30 years or older through a series of tests organized by the RTA.

UAE alone has more than 3,000 classic cars and going by the various reports, all are at least 30 years old. Sources confirm that the first auction of the oldest and rarest cars will start on June 14, where cars will be given licenses. The event has been organized by RTA in joint cooperation with UAE Automobile and Touring Club.

The official announcement was made in a press conference organized by Mohammad bin Sulayem, chairman of the UAE Automobile and Touring Club in Dubai, as well as, Ahmad Hashim Behroozian, CEO of the RTA. 

"Licensing classic vehicles after testing will allow RTA to enhance road safety in addition to streamlining the regulations for those vehicles," Behroozian told "The vehicles will undergo technical testing and will be classified into six different categories based on the result.

"For example, some cars may not have any light or the light may not be good enough, in such cases, they will be put in the category of cars which can only be driven during the day." 

According to Behroozian, various safety considerations such as speed, seat belts, types of fuel and brakes, will be considered when assigning licensing numbers. 

"Class A cars will be free to run on all roads up to a distance of 10,000 km a year. Class B vehicles will be allowed on all roads but can travel only 5,000 km a year," he said. "Class C will be allowed on highways only. Class F will be only for display. The division of classic cars into various categories was based on global evaluation standards."

The initiative will be offered with first come first serve basis. 

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