Is Tesla Model S Getting The Better Of Nissan Leaf?

Apr 14, 2016 10:36 PM EDT | Alexa Parker

Tesla Model S is not stopping in enhancing electric vehicle ownership experience. Tesla aims to outdo Model S rival, which is the Nissan Leaf.

It is a given fact that both cars have made its mark in history. By cruising the city roads and being powered by electricity, more and more awareness regarding these electric cars continue to rise.

There has been speculation that Tesla Model S offers more on the table over the Nissan Leaf. "With its greater power and a much larger battery pack, the Model S may also be less affected than a Leaf by the extra weight that comes with the added bodywork," reported Green Car Reports.

Tesla Model S present the newest trends and upgrades that might pull the job and render the it as more potent and sturdy than the Nissan Leaf. The new Tesla Model S is crafted with a mindset of becoming the top-selling sedan and at the same time win over the Nissan Leaf franchise.

As told by Jalopnik, the forthcoming Tesla Model S is stunning to the core and featured a gorgeous built. The report further mentioned of the new upgrades and modifications. However as the noted upgrades are being unveiled, the price of the Model S is also forecast to rise, making it one of the hurdles in the carmaker's aim to outmaneuver the Nissan Leaf.

Although the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model cars and its sales are rising, the Nissan Leaf is still more affordable and more buyers are opting to choose it over the Tesla, as noted by Jobs & Hire.

Nevertheless, despite the price difference, Tesla Model S is not giving up the fight. The carmaker is commited to making EV ownership satisfying while setting their target at dominating the electric car section and optimistically boosting sales revenue.

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