Natural Gas Vehicles: Myth or Real

May 29, 2012 03:54 PM EDT | Judith Davis


With more people being social and environmentally conscious, the eventual gravitation to vehicles that use natural gas is one that would seem well "Natural."   The operative word is seem.  The problem is not that motorists are not interested in buying a more fuel efficient car.  The obstacles happens to be the following: The vehicles which use natural gas currently have a high initial purchase price.  This poses a problem since the economy has not yet rebounded so households have less money to spend on what would be considered none essential items.  Also, once the vehicle is purchased, there are a scarcity of places in existence that would be able to refuel them.  This can pose a tremendous problem depending the factors such a geographic location and income.

According to an article in, there is some government awareness of this matter, but Congress is doing little to help smooth the speed bumps to having bills passed on this issue. There have been massive debates about how great natural gas is for the environment, but no major incentive given to consumers to make this a reality.  Lower prices for the vehicles is a start as well as enough natural gas stations being available for refueling.  Also, economic growth to fuel spending is needed as well.  Having environmentally safe and efficient cars is a reality, but not for all at this present time.   

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