Tesla Model 3 Preorders Now 276,000 in Less Than A Week

Apr 04, 2016 06:00 AM EDT | Alyza Katrina C. Torres


After the Tesla Model 3 had been launched last Thursday, preorders for the $35,000 electric vehicle came rushing up in numbers as expected. Just a few days after, Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk revealed Saturday that there had already been 276,000 preorders.

Although the initial deliveries are still a long way from being actualized in late 2017 according to BBC News, consumers from all over the world are already lining up so they could reserve a unit before Tesla announces a close for orders.

To date, a total of 276,000 preorders have been made as Musk posted on his Twitter writing, "276k Model 3 orders by end of Sat." The orders, although cannot yet be translated into actual sales besides receiving $1,000 per deposit, have also gained an anticipation of more than $10 billion in revenue after sales.

Venturebeat reports that the expected revenue would of course only be actualized when the electric-car Tesla Model 3 are delivered starting this 2017. And in light of the demand for the revolutionizing mass-marketed car which is said to reach 200 miles at a single charge, Musk also revealed that the company may rethink production planning, as per his Twitter account.

But of course, the car brand is definitely pleased with how consumers reacted since the launch of Tesla Model 3 in California. "Token of appreciation for those who lined up coming via mail. Thought maybe 20-30 people per store would line up, not 800. Gifts on order," Musk wrote on Twitter.

In fact, preorders also reached further than the U.S. reaching Canada. According to CBC, Canadians are lining up even through the bad weather outside the Tesla dealership just so they can make their deposit.

"We weren't prepared for this weather. We thought they would set up tents or something instead of making us freeze," Guillaume Tardif of Montreal told the publication.

"I worry if I wait too long that we won't get the government incentives. If this becomes a mass market car like they think it will, then the incentives are going to be pulled out. So if you save $8,000 by being here this morning it was worth it," Tardif added.

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