Israel Gets The First Electric Car

May 22, 2012 02:06 AM EDT | Bhanu Prakash E S

Shai Agassi, an entrepreneur based in Israel who has been rolling out electric cars in his own country, is expected to have a good response from the car buyers on the new electric car.

Agassi chose the plain grounds of Israel in the scorching heat of the midday to test his latest electric car under the hood from his newly established auto company Better Hope. With an investment of more than $400 million into the business of distributing electric cars, the company has high hopes of introducing more world-class electric vehicles in the days to come.

The electric car distributor Better Hope became the first company in Israel to install four recharging battery stations across Israel. The company has made its mark to explore the pioneering industry in the Northern Israel.

"All of dreams of seeing Israel not to fight anymore for oil and its supportive elements in the environment anymore," said Agassi.

"I have a dream of driving a car which runs on electricity and never demands a single drop of petrol or diesel in its life. We're driving a car which has a global rating and accepted by all over the world. And we are also happy to see that we are the first ones to bring electric vehicles to Israel. We are hopeful that the citizens or Israel will wake up the reality of driving electric vehicles all over the country and never even imagine of using not even a single drop oil," Agassi added.

The global increase and demand for more oil have not prompted the surge of more electric vehicles. And it proves a point that even the good things take time to prove their objective.

"The world is under the impression that the world doesn't need the electric cars and they don't serve the purpose of what they are expecting. So, I certainly opine there's still lots more time still left for people to choose between protecting the environment and cars run by oil," added an auto expert John McElroy.

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