Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

Ralph Lauren Debuts Wearable

The designer is making a foray into the growing wearables market with a fitness-tracking shirt. more


Wearable Tracks Breaths

Spire measures and analyzes breathing to remind you to take a deep breath once in a while. more


Ringly Launches New Wearable

Ringly's lineup of four rings is intended to keep the wearer connected to the most important calls and texts even when a phone is out of sight. more


Sony Launches SmartBand

The SmartBand waterproof wearable is now available in the American market for $99. more

Personal Space Dress

'Personal Space' Dress Expands

A new collection inspired by wearable technology has a dress with an expanding skirt to make sure people don't get too close. more

Nod Wearable Device

Nod Ring Controls Devices with Gesture

The ring with Bluetooth allows the wearer to control computers, lights, Google Glass and more through subtle movement. more

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