Toyota Mirai

Tokyo Motor Show Revelation of the 2021 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Sedan Goes RWD for Second Generation

2019 Tokyo Motor Show Revelation of the 2021 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Sedan Goes RWD for The Second Generation

Introduced in the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show that is rife with electric and hybrid cars that carmakers want to cash in on. Among all these cars that are vying to be the next "big thing of the auto world" which is a big deal. more

Toyota Reports 2.2 Billion In Profit For Fiscal Year

Toyota Tests Hydrogen Fuel Cell on Semi Truck

Toyota is expanding the application of its hydrogen fuel cell to semi-trucks. more

2017 Toyota Mirai: Hydrogen-fueled Sedan, Balances Nature And Technology

2017 Toyota Mirai: Hydrogen-Fueled Sedan, Balances Nature And Technology

The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen fuel cell sedan that runs With water-based emission. more

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display At 2015 International CES

Toyota Recalls Over 2,800 Mirai Vehicles Due To Fuel Cell Problem

Toyota has announced a recall of around 2,840 of its Mirai fuel cell cars due to a defect in the vehicle's fuel cell system. more

Hyundai Plans New Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV

New Hyundai Fuel Cell SUV With Longer Mile Range Slated To Be Released In 2018

In order to challenge the Toyota Mirai for the fuel-cell market, Hyundai has revealed that it is currently working on a next-gen bespoke hydrogen powered car. But now it seems Hyundai itself is jumping to the fray to take on its rivals. more

Toyota's Big Switch

Will Toyota Be The Next Mass-Producer Of Electric Vehicles?

Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported on Monday that in a striking break from tradition, Toyota Motor Corp. is exploring the possiblity of mass-shipping long-range electric cars to the public by 2020. Despite competition like Nissan, Volkswagen and Tesla rallying behind electric vehicle production, Toyota has shown reluctance, sticking to its hydrogen fuel cell cars. more

Glenn Rambach And His 2016 Toyota Mirai

Toyota's First 2016 Mirai Fuel-Cell Sedan Arrives In California

Glenn Rambach, from Sacramento, has become the first person in the U.S. to own the 2016 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell sedan. more

2016 Toyota Prius

Toyota To Ax Gas-Powered Vehicles By 2050, Focusing On Hydrogen Cars

Toyota is set on giving all of its drivers environmentally-friendly vehicles, announcing at a press conference Wednesday that it plans on cutting all of its gas-powered cars from its fleet by 2050. more

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan

Toyota, Honda Plan Hydrogen Future

Japan's capital will hold 6,000 fuel-cell vehicles by the 2020 Olympics. more

2016 Toyota Mirai

Toyota Plant Turns Methane into Power

Toyota's assembly plant in Georgetown, Ky., will be partially powered by electricity from converted methane gas. more

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