Feb 27, 2015 04:00 PM EST
Cook: Apple Watch Will Replace Your Car Keys, Credit Card

Apple wants to change how you check the time.


Fueled by the iconic iPhone, the prevalence of smartphones has nearly killed the watch-wearing habit, but Apple is now on a mission to make watches cool again with an innovative wearable expected to be available in April.

The smart Apple Watch puts all of your phone notifications into a sleek wristwatch interface and makes it easy again to check the time subtly when your work meeting is going too long.

CEO Tim Cook spoke to the Telegraph to reveal a few intriguing ways the Apple Watch aims to change daily life for consumers.

No more car keys.

Apple has designed the smartwatch to be capable of replacing car keys and eliminating the need to keep a heavy key fob, a move that brings Apple even closer to the auto industry.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, a Samsung Gear S smartwatch directed a BMW i3, while Audi demonstrated a wearable that could communicate with a self-driving A7 prototype through an app.

A software developer is reportedly working on an app for the Apple Watch that will let Tesla owners communicate with their Model S, including to lock and unlock doors.

Will you be paying with your Apple Watch?

Thanks to Apple Pay, the smartwatch can be used as a credit card. For consumers worried about privacy, the system will be even safer than the typical plastic card that buyers use for credit, Cook told the Telegraph.

Take a walk.

The Apple Watch will monitor heart rates and other health-related information, but it will go beyond that to remind users when they need some exercise. Sitting still for too long will cue the watch to give the user a soft tap on the wrist.

The watch will additionally give users "credits" for being diligent in their exercise routine through a special rewards system, the Telegraph reported. 

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