Tesla Model S Drivers Can Soon Control Cars with Apple Watch

Feb 06, 2015 01:12 PM EST | Matt Mercuro


Tesla Model S owners might want to consider purchasing an Apple Watch this April, since the device could come with an app that will allow owners to control certain functions of their electric car.

The app is being created by software developer ELEKS, and while it won't be a full-function remote control for the electric vehicle, it will let owners monitor their vehicle from far away.

The ELEKS app is being created without any endorsement from Tesla, as the automaker has had no involvement in the project.

The app will show information about the Tesla Model S, like the state of charge, temperature and available range, all on the Watch's tiny screen, according to Popular Science.

Model S owners will also be able to use their watches to unlock and lock doors, flash the headlights, open and close the panoramic roof and beep the horn if they wish. Owners can even set the climate control by individual zones.

There is a "charge limit" function available through the app as well, which lets users cap the level of a given recharge, according to Popular Science.

Now if you need a watch to do all these things you're probably not near your vehicle. With that in mind, it's worth mentioning that a car-locator feature is already available to help those who have trouble remembering where they park.

Model S owners are already able to unlock and lock doors and check the state of charge through Tesla's own smartphone app, which is available for Apple's iOS and Android.

ELEKS released a blog post on the progress they've made on the app, and pointed out that they've had some development difficulties since Apple isn't providing developers any access to all of the Watch's functions.

"We were determined on implementing all the available Tesla car control functionality, adapting the UX to the context of Apple Watch," ELEKS said in its blog post.

Tesla Model S owners, how does the app sound? Would you be willing to buy an Apple Watch to use it or does it sound like a waste of time? Let us know below. 

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