Xbox One

Microsoft Selling Xbox One for $399

Microsoft has cut the price of its new video game console by $100. more

Microsoft Outlook Email Advanced Rules

Microsoft Updates Outlook Email

Microsoft has updated its email to give users a completely customizable inbox. more


Microsoft To Close Nokia Deal

Microsoft expects to complete the deal to purchase Finland-based Nokia on April 25. more

Apple Logo

Apple Is Sitting on $159 Billion in Cash

Apple holds 9.7 percent of all corporate cash in the U.S. outside the financial industry. more

5-Year-Old Hacks Xbox Live

5-Year-Old Hacks Xbox Account

Kristoffer Von Hassel of California figured out a security hole in the Xbox One Live software to play his father's video games. more


Microsoft Changes Email Policy

Microsoft's chief legal counsel has said in a statement that the company will turn suspected email accounts over to the authorities instead of going through them. more

Xbox One

Xbox One Bundle Cut to $450

Walmart has been selling the Xbox One Titanfall bundle at a discount in a special sale. more


Microsoft Defends Right To Search Your Emails

One of Microsoft's top lawyers published a blog post on Thursday explaining the company's decision to search a private Hotmail account. more

Bill Gates

Bill Gates: Snowden Is No Hero

Bill Gates doesn't believe Edward Snowden did the right thing by leaking NSA documents. more


Xbox's 'Titanfall' To Launch Tuesday

The new first-person shooter title will launch at midnight. more

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