Dec 29, 2016 08:02 AM EST
Ford Introduces Second Generation Autonomous Fusion, a Driverless Car That Is Freakishly Normal[Video]

The Second Generation Autonomous Fusion of Ford Motor Company will be introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 2017. This car will be the newest addition to its ride-sharing fleet that will be made available in the market by 2021. The first 20 Second Generation Autonomous Fusion looks just like any other car with the equipment for a driverless car looking just like a part of the car.

For the Second Generation Autonomous Fusion to achieve such an elegant and simple look, the car was stripped bare and rebuilt with the needed gadgets and equipment to make it function as an autonomous car. The result was that of a neat-looking car that does not announce to the world that it is an autonomous one, according to the Auto Blog. The computers that give it computational power were hidden in the trunk while the cameras and lidars look like they are just part of the car's accessories.

The Second Generation Autonomous Fusion is part of Ford's commitment to remove the disparity that divides the rich and the poor. With affordable autonomous cars, even the poor will be able to buy a car to use going to work and in travelling. With cars like the Second Generation Autonomous Fusion, people are able to live in an environment that is clean and safe, and to go to places in search of their basic needs using an autonomous vehicle, according to Daily News.

Safety is the primary concern of Ford with regards to their autonomous cars and this is one reason why when one inspects closely the Second Generation Autonomous Fusion, one can see an array of cameras, lasers and radars that give the car a clear view of all its surroundings, according to Drive.

With Ford continuously exerting efforts to develop its autonomous cars, the Second Generation Autonomous Fusion might soon be succeeded by the best driverless car ever made.

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