A Restaurant In San Francisco Literally Uses Ipad As Plates

Dec 29, 2016 08:19 AM EST | Jeroah Sabado

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination known for its architecture. It is home to some hippies and techies and is famous for its restaurants and food trends. Now your mind will be blown by a fancy restaurant in "Fog City" that serves food with iPads.

Yes, that's right. It appears that a restaurant located at San Francisco's Financial District has found a new use for the Apple iPad. While it's a great platform for both leisure and work, the $400 device seems to be a perfect way to complement a very special dinner too.

The Michelin-starred Quince is trying to attract crowds by literally serving food with iPads as plates. The restaurant received its third Michelin star earlier this year, and they are known for showcasing the talents and characteristics the restaurant has.

The new addition to the menu of Quince is called "A Dog In Search Of Gold," which was tweeted recently by a famous chef named Richie Nakano last Tuesday. So, basically what you get with this meal is not only the quality of being delicate, but also the idea to start a meal with a genuine sense of fun.

However, the iPad doesn't come on every meal. The restaurant is serving just one dish with iPad plates so we can't expect to receive an iPad with an order of burger and fries.

Seems like an interesting idea for an exquisite dinner, but how are the iPads sanitized, considering the iPads are working when the dish is served? How is it washed thoroughly after every serving since they can't put the device on the dishwasher?

It turns out that the food doesn't directly sit on top of the iPad, it "slips in and out" of a custom box made by Luke Bartels, a local woodworker. There is also a removable sheath designed with the box that is cleaned after each order.

Apparently, this isn't a new restaurant tactic. Chefs in the United Kingdom serve dishes on iPads as well, but the trend hasn't really caught on yet.

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