Jun 13, 2017 04:28 AM EDT
Grand Theft Auto 6: Learn About Its Latest Developments And Even Scandals

The Grand Theft Auto 6 is definitely highly anticipated. Since GTA 5 has insanely broken records, the sixth installment is one that makes gaming enthusiasts extremely excited. Unfortunately, a recent scandal happened, which may have fooled a lot of Youtubers.

There are good number of fake Grand Theft Auto 6 videos circulating around Youtube. It has even gained over 23 million views, which is far more than the official GTA 5 trailer on Rockstar's channel. The Youtube channel, Sonymouse has uploaded a gameplay from Driver: San Francisco that is definitely not GTA 6.

Rockstar definitely has taken note of such. However, they still have yet to release an official word on the "impostor" game play, which is fooling a lot of people. Apparently, the video is still active and still can be viewed. With this, it is highly likely that such fake video will be eventually taken down.

Rockstar, being one of the most famous developers in the world is no stranger to fakes. This has been the thing since they first released Grand Theft Auto 20 years ago. 2017 marks the 20th year of the fame. Unfortunately, the Grand Theft Auto 6 is not part of its anniversary offering.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is still raking in so much profit. It is still very much selling like hotcakes. Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons for not having the GTA 6 just yet. However, there is absolutely no need to be frustrated or disappointed.

Given Rockstar's notoriety for coming up with the best, they are sure to have Grand Theft Auto 6 released soon, but not soon enough. This is to somehow confirm that GTA 6 will NOT be released anytime this year.

It may also take time to develop its technology to come up with the best and realistic new locations. It is even rumored to have an expanded and reinvented San Andreas. It may even evoke a modern-day Miami among host of many locations.

Clearly, Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to be as good, even better than GTA 5 upon its official release. Again, "soon" may come in next year or so. Rockstar is sure to come up with the best version of Grand Theft Auto. However, only time can tell when. Meanwhile, watch the controversial below which, again, is NOT Grand Theft Auto 6. This has to be taken note of and reported.

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