Jan 12, 2017 06:28 PM EST
New BlackBerry Dubbed ‘Mercury’ On the Works; Prototype Received Positive Feedback in CES 2017 [Video]

Blackberry is a mobile phone brand that seems to have been forgotten in the past few years. However, the brand was resurrected and earned positive reactions at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017. The new version was dubbed "Mercury" and was shown as a prototype. Yet, there were already some observable features that reveal some information about this latest model.

Since the one exhibited at the CES 2017 was just a prototype, no definite details are available yet. The only definite information was that the phone will have a physical keyboard. In the past years, the handset used the Blackberry operating system but this time, it will run on Android 7.0. It will be made by the TCL, a Chinese company that focuses on making gadgets including mobile phones, according to The Verge.

In 2016, BlackBerry encountered difficulties so that it announced that it would stop making mobile phones. Instead, it would focus on providing software and services. It was handed over to TCL, which started making the "Mercury". The specifications were kept hidden despite the presentation of the prototype at the CES. It was clear, though, that it was not just a matter of rebranding because "Mercury" went beyond that, according to GSMarena.

The fact that the supposedly new version of BlackBerry will come with the Nougat 7.0 will help it compete with leading mobile phone brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. For people who prefer handsets that are as good as these brands, yet, having physical keyboard, the "Mercury" will offer them an excellent alternative, according to Digital Trends.

The latest version of BlackBerry might not become as popular as its predecessors during the prime of the phone's existence. Its soft-touch back, cramped physical keyboard and bulky body will make it less appealing. However, with its Android 7.0 Nougat and quick security updates, it might become the flagship of TCL.

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