Nov 27, 2016 02:40 AM EST
'Apple's 2016 Holiday Ad Features An Unexpected Visitor' [VIDEO]

Apple's 2016 holiday commercial has Frankenstein featured to capture the essence of Christmas.

In the video entitled "Frankie's Holiday", we can see the monster has found sanctuary in an outlying cabin in the mountains. After a brief glimpse of what appears to be an image of author Mary Shelley, his Victorian creator, Frankenstein brought his music box, along with a short holiday tune recorded on his iPhone. After receiving a small package, he wanders down from his European mountain cabin into the town square village. Of course, the villagers appears repulsed by the towering creature and watched with disdain as he approaches an outdoor Christmas tree.

Attaching a red and a green bulb to the bolts on his neck, an apprehensive and very lonely looking Frankenstein pushes "play" on the voice memo app of his iPhone and timidly manages to utter the first phrase of 1950's classic "(There's No Place Like) Home for the Holidays". However, the monster pauses as one of the holiday lights attached on his neck go out.

What happens next in the last few seconds of this compelling commercial will make viewers comprehend its touching message of tolerance and acceptance.

A little girl steps forth from the crowd, beckoning the monster to come over and to click his light back into place. The girl then started singing, encouraging the monster to sing once more. To his joy and surprise, the townspeople started singing along as well. Not only is it a perfect turnaround from the original story's premise that the real monster is man --- not the creation, but a perfect note to end what has been a turbulent 2016.

The commercial advertisement ends with the tagline, "Open your heart to everyone" and an Apple logo. It is likely to continue airing for the length of this season.

You can watch the holiday advertisement below:

Meanwhile, another Apple ad entitled "Bulbs" is also running simultaneously; their new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar promotion.

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