‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80 Air Date & Spoilers: Gohan To Lose Eyesight? Japanese Magazine Reveals Major Plot

Feb 19, 2017 10:32 AM EST | Andrew Davis


The battle for the universe's survival continues with "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 80. A newly released issue of Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump unveiled juicy bits and pieces of what comes after Buu's battle with Basil.

Entitled "Awaken your sleeping battle spirit! "Son Gohan Fight!" we get to finally see Son Gohan in action. But how would he fare facing against one of the Danger Trio with no vision?

ComicBook reports that the recently released issue of Shonen Jump provided fans something to look forward to in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 80. But this was of course in Japanese. Fortunately, Todd Blankenship, aka Herms98, took it upon himself to translate the article for "DBS." 

Gohan loses his sight. The second round of the Omni-Present Match is between Universe 7's Son Gohan and Universe 9's Lavenda after Buu defeated the kicker Basil. Since Universe 9 has been devastated with their first lost, they opted to have Lavenda take on the second opponent.

Although Lavenda is much stronger compared with Basil, he is not that skilled with the use of poison, as this is Bergamo's forte. But it seems that Bergamo gave Lavenda poison to be used in his battle against Gohan. As it turns out, he did use it.

Gohan lost his vision and is unable to even read Lavenda's ki. This was clearly unfair but the fight must go on, for the sake of every single universe involved in the tournament.

The full length of their match will probably take place in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 80. But in a YouTube prediction of what's coming up in the following episodes, it is notable that if you check out the opening scene in the new arc, you can see Son Goku fighting with Bergamo. 

This could possibly indicate that Gohan lost the fight against Lavenda and a third round is needed. However, the title for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 80 suggests otherwise. Another theory would be that the opening scene might not be from the pre-tournament match, but from the main tournament itself.

But we might actually see Goku helping his son in his match. He could communicate with Gohan telepathically to defeat Lavenda. 

Now that the fate of Universe 7 weighs heavily on Gohan's shoulders, will he be able to defeat the sneaky Lavenda in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 80? How would he counter his attacks without his sense of sight? We will have to find out when the Goku versus Lavenda match airs on February 26.

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