Meet The Verity: A Tesla Model X P90D In Bubble Gum Pink

Aug 27, 2016 09:30 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe


An anonymous owner of a Tesla Model X P90D decided to paint his car in bubble gum pink matte with a set of wheels in matte black finish. Main goal is to look more special and to allow him to differentiate his Tesla Model X P90D with complete clarity from the others.

The said owner is also said to been known as the "Pink Guy" by his friends and colleagues. Apparently he took his nickname seriously and now his Tesla Model X P90D looks like it could be own by the Pink Panther.

"She's been my dream car since I first saw it back in 2008. Meanwhile, I'd always known I wanted a pink car. There's always pink stuff on my clothes, things, scattered around my house, associated with my work - and it was inevitable that my dream car would end up being the most silly imaginable colour. 

This Tesla Model X P90D is now known as the Verity. Apparently the owner didnt had an easy time transforming the color of his Tesla. He spent almost a year delving into the different color options and trying to figure out the most cost effective way to change the car 's paint. 

He though of getting a paint job or a car wrap but that would not set his Tesla apart from the rest as a lot of Tesla owners are doing that already. He wanted a non-traditional way to paint his Tesla Model X P90D and so he opted for the Pasti-Dip. The Pasti-Dip is a rubberized spray-on paint that is popular in car truck models such as the Wrangler. 

It was not an easy task, since the choice of color will possibly affect the resale value in the future, so they should be meticulous. Not to mention that the owner is getting short of money and should save in any way. But here it is, the Verity, looking proud and beautiful in all its bubblegum pink glory.  

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