BMW Wants To Dominate Electric Car Sales

BMW To Focus On Boosting Its Electric Cars To Increase Car Sales

BMW made its bold commitment as it releases two new electric vehicles by 2020. more

Volvo On Diesel Engines

Volvo Backtracks On CEO's Statement To End Diesel

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson suggested its recent diesel engine production could be its last but the company immediately issued a correction. more

The new BMW 4 Series Coupé, Gran Coupé and Convertible.

BMW 4 Series GT To Be An Electric Car; Poses Great Threat To Tesla

BMW 4 Series GT is reported to be an EV, which is expected to give Tesla a tough competition. more

Tesla Model S P100D Review | 0-60mph in 2.28 seconds

Tesla Model S P100D: Insanely Fast And Definite Fun To Drive

Tesla Model S P100D is definitely the fastest electric car and is surely fun to drive as well. more

 Google Its Self-Driving Car Is Finally Ready

Apple, Tesla And Other Automakers Wants To Change California's Self-Driving Policy

The input, posted online by the DMV, includes suggestions by Lyft, Tesla, Uber, Waymo and dozens of others. more


Tesla Rolled-Out its Auto Braking Capability Software After Consumer Reports Lowered Its Rating

Tesla started rolling out its Auto Braking Capability Software a day after Consumer Report lowered its rating for the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. The rating downgrade is a result of the car manufacturer to roll out the AEB safety features on the two vehicles. more

Elon Musk Says We May Need To Become Part-Cyborg

Tesla Semi Truck Unveiled In September Confirms Elon Musk, Pickup Truck 18 to 24 Months

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again used Twitter to confirm his announcement that the company's semi truck and pickup truck will be unveiled soon enough. more

Tesla Model S P100D Review | 0-60mph in 2.28 seconds

Tesla Model S Standing Suffered Because Of Brake Issue

Tesla Model S suffered its ranking on Consumer Reports because of an alleged brake issue. more

Lucid Air: Hands-On

Lucid Motors Exec Talk About Electric Luxury Sedan Lucid Air: “Tesla Is Not A Direct Competitor”

The top execs behind Lucid Motors dished out a few tidbits about the upcoming electric luxury sedan from Lucid Motors, Lucid Air. more

Tesla Model 3 | Fully Charged

Tesla Speeding Up Production Of Model 3 By Skipping “Beta” Production Testing To Save Time & Cost

Another ambitious feat is being undertaken by Tesla as the self-imposed deadline for the Model 3 draws even closer. more

Has Tesla Become Bigger Than Itself?

Has Tesla Become Bigger Than Itself?

Will Tesla’s financial balloon burst? more

Tesla drops price on Model S 75, adds new standard content

Tesla Model S 75: Tesla’s Cheapest Car Offering

Tesla had a price drop on their Tesla Model S 75 to reflect value product and customer's preference. more

Tesla Motors - Logo

Tesla Motors Inc.: The Company That Just Keeps Soaring Come What May

Critics are amazed by the ability of Tesla to go through hurdles with its head up high. more

Tesla Model 3 | Fully Charged

Tesla Model 3: The Cheapest Upcoming Car In The Market?

Tesla Model will be one of the most affordable cars when it is launched. more

Tesla Motors Stock Overtakes Ford!

2019 Tesla Roadster Concept Design Looks Stunning

Tesla CEO Elon Musk have shared that the 2019 Tesla Roadster will be the fastest car to ever carry the Tesla badge. more

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