No Man's Sky 1.23 Latest News & Update: Bugs Fixed Plus PS4 Games And PC Revisions Revealed By Hello Games!

Mar 20, 2017 04:36 PM EDT | Anthony Hunter

Hello Games showcases its latest No Man's Sky 1.23 update which is a follow up "Pathfinder" update that supports PS4 Pro. The update is also intended to fix bugs and address frame rate gameplay. The Patch 1.23 has optimized player feedback and provides more solid gameplay.

The new Pathfinder update contributed new and enhanced vehicles to explore. Pathfinder also refined the PS4 Pro support, visual improvements and base-sharing, it mainly focused on making improvements to the recently added vehicles. The "Pathfinder" update supports numerous additions, like new vehicles to explore, and enhanced visual displays.

According to Express, No Man's Sky Exocraft Geobays is now accessible on any planet, which means that the vehicles can be convened anywhere. The update 1.22 is intended to focus on fixing its highly-anticipated vehicles.

Hello Games confirmed that the No Man's Sky Path Finder update features new planetary vehicles and weapon specialization. The PS4 Pro game support and the base sharing are also included in the new updates. The changes comes an enhanced visual twists like high and ultra resolution textures, more precise Ambient Lighting, and Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion.

According to Play Station Universe, the updated patch notes revealed the current updates. The No Man's Sky 1.23 patch note has a new system that optimizes HBAO. The newest patch note also attached a new option to lock the framerate on PS4 to keep the frame rate stable to 30 fps. The enhanced sentinel drones are accessible inside the vehicle to investigate.

The new updated patch notes also fixed bugs and secured freighter texturing bases. It also sets the ships spawning, crash in physics, and crashes that resulting from running out of memory. It enhances vehicle audio and UI elements. The over-saturated colors in HDR are also being repaired.

The new No Man's Sky 1.23 patch notes highlighted the new font anti-aliasing in HDR and enhanced the performance of UI rendering in HDR. It also updates the HDR rendering being dark on some monitor models. The new patch notes also enhance the permadeath with the new inventory screen.


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