Toyota i-ROAD to Debut at Geneva Motor Show; Three-Wheeled Vehicle is Battery Powered and Seats Two (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Mar 04, 2013 02:43 PM EST | James A. Foley

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The Toyota i-ROAD is a fully-enclosed, electric, tilting, three-wheeled Personal Mobility Vehicle. (Photo : Toyota)

It's not quite clear whether Toyota's i-ROAD concept vehicle is a ultra-compact car or some sort of space-age motorcycle, but what is clear, based on a information released about the new concept vehicle, is that the world's largest automaker is

taking the the future of driving to some seriously ambitious levels.

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The i-ROAD is a fully-enclosed, electric, tilting, three-wheeled Personal Mobility Vehicle.

Toyota's PMV will be shown at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show, according to a press release from Toyota a day before the anticipated auto show opens to the media.

The design of the i-ROAD appears blend of technology of the future with the compact functionality of a motorcycle and the convenience of a car.

The i-ROAD uses what Toyota calls "Active Lean Technology," which according to the press statement, will deliver "motorcycle-like maneuverability."

The ALT system will provide an "unprecedented feeling of oneness with the vehicle significantly different from driving a car or motorcycle."

Two people can ride in the i-ROAD, with the passenger sitting in tandem with the driver in the front. The vehicle is covered to protect riders from the elements and eliminate the need for helmets, and there is no need for the driver to physically stabilize the vehicle when stopped as necessary with a traditional motorcycle.

With a length of 2 feet 9 inches, which Toyota says the i-ROAD's slight size will allow the vehicle to travel "smoothly along roadsides, leaving road lanes open for other traffic." The vehicle's diminutive size means its easier find a place to park it as well.

The electric battery will give the i-ROAD a range of more than 30 miles and a top speed of 28 miles per hour, making the vehicle particularly suited for urban driving.

"Toyota i-ROAD represents a way of overcoming various obstacles, such as congested city roads, lack of parking, and other commuting issues, in the path of the development of low-carbon and sustainable urban areas," the press statement said.

Last week Toyota published a brief teaser video of the i-ROAD, shown below.

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