Brothers Goes On A Road Trip Via A Car With Wooden Wheels

Dec 01, 2016 03:48 AM EST | April Rhose Binos

It is true perhaps with the saying that history repeats itself, as Doug Bassemir and Rich Bassemir replicated their Granfather's journey to a cross-country interstate using their authentic 1917 Maxwell. The Bassemirs said that this is to honor their Grandfather's accomplishment a century ago.

Doug Bassemir, 56, and Rich Bassemir, 61, together with their mechanical friend John Brasca, traveled just how their grandfather did a century ago. The Bassemir brothers went on a road trip last November 16, 2016. Believe it or not, they renovated their grandfather's Maxwell to make it functional. It is a 1917 Maxwell Model 25 convertible, with 21-horsepower and speed of 42 miles per hour.

Using the Maxwell, they drove 3,100 miles for 12 days, 9 to 10 hours a day. They traveled along the country from Newark, New Jersey to the roads of Route 66, all the way to San Bernardino and to Los Angeles. On Monday, November 28, they show off their vehicle with sporty wood wheels and had a view at the Santa Fe Depot, city's historic museum. The brothers had traveled to the 36 towns and 12 states. Driven by Brasca is a 1975 Chevy truck as their chase car which carried a small tool box similar to their grandfather's.

It was in November 1916 when CW Tuthill, Bassemir's grandfather was only 27 during that time together with PG Scull, traveled the same transcontinental trip from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles, California, using their 1917 Maxwell. PE News reported that he traveled the cross-country for 15 days. Tuthill said that they wanted to prove the capability of a 1917 Maxwell during the winter months and see how reliable this vehicle can be for family's use at all times.

The Bassemir Brothers wanted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their grandfather's trip. They want to commemorate their grandfather's accomplishment. The Bassemir Brothers replicated a route to the interstate, same as with what their grandfather drove as closely as possible.

According to Bassemir brothers, they experienced a lot of challenges along the way like several tire issues, electrical and mechanical problems. The Wall Street Journal had poor roads and experienced traffic as well. But a fair weather is and a benefit of showering is constant for 12 days and it is a luxurious experience with the team they never had.

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