2018 Toyota Supra Mule Spotted Proliferating; What’s With It?

Dec 02, 2016 05:51 AM EST | Jessie Valenzuela

Years have passed since Toyota decided to allow its well-known, high-end tuners such as Supra cars to become extinct due to unreasonable costs in the automobile marketplace. But are they really gone for good?  

It looks like they are back in the business again. Just recently, it seems like the existence of new Mules have been spotted proliferating in the wild; it is speculated that it is part of a testing phase for an upcoming 2018 car model: the 2018 Toyota Supra Mule. The spotted proliferation also shows a glimpse of superficial changes to its overall framework and design; yet, it still represents and has a touch of Supra's design philosophy.

How will the 2018 Toyota Supra Mule look like based on the ones seen during the testing stage?

The new Mules, as compared to the original ones that were spied on, appeared to be on silver wheels and have been structured with better shapes. GEARHEADS reported that the newer variants, the ones with black wheels, which have been introduced to the buying public, also seem to be allegedly made available in showrooms; and hopefully, no later than the first day of December this year.

On the other hand, fitment issues that apparently need to be restructured --- particularly at the trunk and the rear window, as well as those finer interior and exterior details --- denies the probability of Supra Mule's hitting the market as speculated, CarHoots reported.

The posing question now if whether Toyota gets to reveal the presence of Supra Mule in the coming days or not will help us know how it's going to look like when the 2018 Toyota Supra Mule gets officially launched in the market.

In the meantime, let's just wait for those spotters spying on Supra Mules' existence to give us more updates.

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