'Final Fantasy XV' Director Hajime Tabata Gave His Heartfelt Gratitude And Pride To His 'FFXV' Team [VIDEO]

Nov 29, 2016 07:49 AM EST | Rachelle Balanay

The latest "Final Fantasy" installment, "Final Fantasy XV" developed by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, had its worldwide release early this November 2016. Director Hajime Tabata, along with the team of producers, designer, programmers, and artists, was able to make this role-playing video game feature an open world setting which allows the players to incorporate the ability to switch weapons and vehicles at will.

Two days before the release of the game to the worldwide gaming community, director Hajime Tabata gave an earnest message to the "Final Fantasy" fans, according to the Dual Shockers. His absence during the release was met with dismay, but the Japanese director conveyed his apologies to the masses anticipating the release of "Final Fantasy XV."

Tabata gave his utmost gratitude to his colleagues and production team for achieving a great feat. Although many hurdles came their way, Tabata was grateful for the steadfast attitude of his colleague which left him with no regrets. He further accentuated on the pride he feels for his "FFXV" team and what they have accomplished through the years.

Hajime Tabata further promises the fans of "Final Fantasy XV" that more ATR's (Active Time Reports) are expected soon. ATR is Square Enix's radical approach to communicating with the fans in an open and more interactive way in both directions.

Development of "FFXV" began last 2006 which was actually a spin-off of "Final Fantasy XIII." Through the years many changes were made: from changes to the game engine, rebranding and shifts to next-generation consoles in 2012, to reshuffling of the entire development team, a lot has happened during the conception of "Final Fantasy XV." Now the adventure of the protagonist, Noctis, along with his company travel the open-world game setting of EOS, as described by Game Spot.

Hajime Tabata's gratitude and the heartfelt message are received with grateful hearts by fans. He is very proud of his team. His sincerity in creating such an amazing game is felt throughout the whole gaming community.

Here is a look into the world of "Final Fantasy XV."

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