McLaren Ice Driving School: Car Manufacturer to Host School in Arctic Circle

Oct 18, 2016 09:16 AM EDT | Leian N.

Unlike any carmaker in the industry to date, one stood up for providing a unique experience for its fans to enjoy: McLaren Ice Driving School. In fact, the company itself has a distinct brand called the Pure McLaren franchise.

To showcase how the company adored their fans, the school was established to make the customers and other potential customers experience a unique one: Ice Driving opportunity.

The Unique Ice Driving Experience

As reported by Cars UK, Pure McLaren cars have opted for a brand new experience for their potential customers as Bentley had gone before for a reasonable price.

The Pure McLaren cars will make their way to Finland for a 200-mile school experience. The said tracks would be snow-covered and the vehicles equipped with ice tracks to keep the riders safe from the show. In fact, the Scandinavian Flick has been considered a challenging feat to take for the drivers.

However, the customers can assure that they are in for a safe drive as a professional driver would be coaching them for the school. He or she has been working with Test World to ensure that the driving experience would be a fun experience and without hazards.

The Cars For School

The said vehicles that would be utilized during the McLaren Ice Driving School is that of the McLaren 570S model along with a husky safari and snowmobile vehicles that would be included in the package. Additionally, the customers can also expect luxury accommodations at the Javri Lodge which was built by the former Finland president himself.

In other news, Motor Authority reported the vehicles would be equipped with impressive high-horsepower machines. In fact, the slow-speed thrills will be a no-no for the school experience.

To top it off, the company also wished to join the Winter Academy with Lamborghini. With the McLaren Ice Driving School in play, the company has revealed their interest in being a part of the January 15 to February 3, 2017, event.

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