Does Mclaren P1 And Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Mark The Beginning Of A New Hypercar SuperToy Industry Aimed At Kids?

Sep 27, 2016 06:36 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


The McLaren P1 and Mercedes AMG are both hypercars that are designed to provide for an almost endless sense of driving pleasure to those who thrive on speed. Unfortunately, these are exclusive pieces of automotive artwork and come for a price that makes them out of bound of the masses.

But not anymore as both the companies now have scaled down versions of their respective hypercars that also costs much less than the originals. That is around $500 for the McLaren P1 that runs on electricity. Top speed mentioned is 3 mph and it takes just two seconds to reach there.

For those who are yet to figure out what it is all about, well the new P1 is aimed at kids aged between three and six years. But even for machines built for a clientele as low profile as kids (compared to their usual client base), the P1 is amazingly well put together and is as close to the original as it can be.

So there are the dihedral doors as can be seen on the original complete with the signature front end design. The P1 also provides for a central driving position that many hard-core speeds enthusiasts crave for. Further, the Volcano Yellow color together with black inserts really makes the P1 a super-toy that kids will love to hone their driving skills on.

As for Mercedes, the AMG super toy, as Motor Authority stated, is due to be released shortly. Mercedes so far has only teased a few design aspects of the car and from what can be made out of those, it is likely to be as mesmerizing as the McLaren offering.

The details too have been kept under wraps so that it is not known for sure what kind of power will provide the forward thrust to the AMG toy. While some believe it could be pedal power, Auto Evolution is of the view that the AMG toy will also benefit from electric propulsion. It has based its assumption on the leaked images of the toy which does not seem to have room enough to host pedals in the front.

Makes us wonder if this marks the beginning of another race among makers of hypercars to make corresponding versions of their speed monsters for kids as well.

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