Next-Gen Renault Clio To Debut In 2018, Features Revolutionary Interior And Possible Hybrid Version

Sep 20, 2016 04:59 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Next-Gen Renault Clio Is Here

Renault Clio IV cars sit on display at the Paris Motor Show on September 28, 2012 in Paris, France. The Paris Motor Show runs September 29 - October 14.

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The current Renault Clio, Ranault's best-selling model as of today, has just recently been released, but the automaker is now planning on its successor. The successor to the current Clio is one that will have a revolutionary interior upgrade, an outward appearance similar to that of Renault Mégane and a possible hybrid version. All of these are expected to debut in 2018.

Revolutionary Inside Changes

Thee fifth generation of the Renault Clio will probably debut in 2018 and will feature an important evolution in the technology section as well as a redesign in the driver and passenger compartment. Expect the interior changes to truly impress as the next gen Clio s said to gain a larger and more responsive portrait-style touchscreen display, with haptic feedback or gesture controls, and word on the street has it that autonomous safety systems are on the list as well.

"Our customers look at the exterior and go 'woah', but then they look at the interior and go 'huh?'. We need to make sure our next interiors live up to the standards of the exterior" Laurens van den Acker, Renault's head of design, said.

Auto Express says that the interior of the new Renault Clio will be "revolutionary" compared with the current, as it will feature materials and finishing that will be much better to look at and ride on. It will "rise on the outside" as Renault representatives said as more people than ever had been working on the interior design of the Clio 2018.

Other Changes Set To Impress Too

On the outside, the new Renault Clio is said to present a similar picture of the new Renault Megane and the latest releases of the brand. Roads widened, huge wheels, good tailpipes and a generous wing pointed in that direction.

It is also claimed that the Clio will have a battery of new assistants driving and unpublished technologies, elements that could range from sensors gestural control the style of the BMW 7 Series to safety devices to help avoid accidents.

As for the engines, it is said to be offered on mechanical diesel and gasoline and will have the Megane's four-cylinder engine, 2.0 liters, turbo, which reaches 275 hp. A huge power for a small Renault Clio if that happens. A hybrid propulsion system that would be inherit from the new Renault Scénic is also expected.

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