Gas Cars Phased Out By 2035, Automobile Industry Set At Becoming A Green Market

Sep 20, 2016 04:36 AM EDT | Leian N.

Emissions Falsification Scandal Rocks Volkswagen

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 25: The fuel nozzle of a diesel pump deposits diesel fuel into a Volkswagen car at a petrol staiton on September 25, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Volkswagen is seeking a new CEO following the recent resingation of Martin Winterkorn in the wake of allegations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that the company had installed software into its diesel cars sold in the U.S. that manipulated emissions test results. The company faces a recall of at least 470,000 cars and up to USD 18 billion in fines, and prosecutors in the U.S. and Germany have launched investigations.
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The automobile industry has set forth a deadline for selling gas cars by the year 2035. Although this step is in compliance with the Paris Summit held last December, reports indicated that the goal is unrealistic and may not be possible to achieve within the time frame allotted.

Compliance of Automobile Industry In Reduction of Carbon Emissions

It has been a given fact that the automobile industry had been in unison with climate motoring heralding to promote a greener world for future generations with the creation of electric cars. These creations not only diminish the carbon emissions that affect the world's climate negatively but also enable to consumers to be more responsible when it comes to adjusting their lifestyle for the betterment of the world's climate.

Paris Summit Objective Updates

As reported by Motor Trend, a study was conducted by the climate monitoring group to have a concrete deadline on how to diminish carbon emissions by compelling the automobile industry to eradicate the sale of gas cars. It was revealed that by virtue of the Paris Summit, the automobile industry are to cut the sale of gas cars by the year 2035.

In order to meet this demand, the manufacturers would need to create electric cars that are created with a greener concept. They were deemed to generate energy without power based on fossil fuels and to that effect, automobiles would decrease carbon emissions significantly by then.

Although the effort is concrete on the positive effect it will have for the world's atmosphere, many believed that it was an over-ambitious goal for the automobile industry. In fact, China itself had promised that they will cut carbon emissions by 2030, not eradicate the use of fossil fuels in the production of automobiles. Furthermore, the industry's top seller, Toyota, has also promised to cut emissions by only 90% by 2050 - 25 years more of the allotted lodged deadline for creating gasless cars.

Green Car Phase Out By 2035 An Unrealistic Goal

In other news, Seeking Alpha reported that the said green move to a better global environment was wishful thinking. Although oil companies were reported to be threatened by this development, the target period would render them secured for the coming years ahead, especially since automobile companies had shown less compliance with the Paris Summit findings.

Additionally, four research organizations revealed that actions by 32 companies party to the Paris Summit were reviewed. Results showed that the last vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine were found to still be sold by the year 2035. With this, the source concluded that the goal is unrealistic and only an appeal to the emotions of those supporting the cause than basing terms in fact and logic.

Although the Paris Summit had suggested that several countries comply with 80% reduction on carbon gas emissions, the automobile companies may not be able to achieve the goal by creating green cars that are electrically powered due to the fact that the goal is unrealistic, ambitious, and that the industry change would be an expensive move. Furthermore, customers were deemed to buy larger vehicles when oil prices decline which would mirror the efforts as an impossible goal with such a small amount of time lodged for the objective.

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