Now You Can Play Over Hundreds of Automotive MS-DOS Games Online

Jan 07, 2015 01:30 PM EST | Jeff Jablansky


Find yourself with too much time on your hands these days, what with Facebook's new privacy regulations and a lack of enthusiasm for your friends' vacation photos on Instagram?

How about a video game?

That's also how the folks at the Internet Archive feel, who have unearthed over 2000 video games from childhood and recreated them through emulation. It's a virtual repository of living room fun that was lost when MS-DOS fell out of favor with hardware and software developers.

That means a lot of automotive-themed games are set to return. Here are just a few of our favorites:

CAR & DRIVER: From the days that your favorite buff book also produced a video game.

Stunt Driver: The title says it all. Drive in virtual reality like you never could in real life.

4x4 Team: Any video game with an iconic, Lada-looking buggy as its icon is OK in our book.

Crazy Cars: We don't remember this game, but we're eager for a refresher.

Action Fighter: While not a "car game" per se, the opening credits from Sega (remember them?) feature a lovely depiction of a red Ferrari.

Grab a Sunny Delight and check the games out for yourself!

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