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Ford Mustang | New vs. Classic

The Top 5 Best Vintage Cars That Every Car Enthusiasts and Interested Buyers Must See

The Top 5 Best Vintage Cars that still that of every car Enthusiasts Dreams to Drive on the road and what makes them truly classic. more

Going Back In Time With This Wonderful Vintage Cars

Seven Of The Most Popular Vintage Cars In The US And Why They Are Great Collector Finds

This seven vintage cars will make a car enthusiast go back through memory lane, where these cars were new on the market and everyone wants to buy it. more

Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss: Beatnik Hot Rod, Cowboy Cadillac Among His $500,000 Car Collection

Barry Weiss of "Storage Wars" fame is an iconic mainstay on the show known by his nickname, "The Collector." But rarely has anyone lived up to their nickname as well as Barry Weiss does: He has a truly mind-numbing collection of vintage trucks, cars and motorcycles worth half a million dollars. more

A Vauxhall Viva HA

World's First Sports Car 'Vauxhall Prince Henry' For Sale

A rare, 102-year-old sports car will be auctioned for vintage lovers. more

Two Jaguars Worth Over ?10 Million To Be Auctioned

The Rebirth of the Jaguar XKSS 1957 Sports Car

Vintage car fans would be thrilled the see the streamlined Jaguar XKSS 1957 Sports Car. Jaguar Land Rover Group brought the 9 lost "leaping cats' back to life in its original form. more

Ferrari 250 GTO

Rare Ferrari To Make An Appearance In The Upcoming Malta Classic

The Malta Classic that’s going to be held this October is going to welcome a plethora of vintage cars. Among these is a rare classic Ferrari that numbers in the few 176 models in existence. more

Chevrolet Reveals Its New 2016 Camaro

Five Vintage Cars Stolen From A Southern Ontario Collector

Five vintage cars were stolen from a Souther Ontario collector since March. Authorities said that the culprit is still at large. more

Bodensee Klassik 2016 - Start In Bregenz

Top 5 Most Popular Vintage Cars Every Collector Wants

Vintage cars, which are referred to as classics or antiques are cars that are over 30 years old, have etched a special place in the hearts of people, car collectors, hobbyist, restorers and the like all over the world. Here are top 5 vintage or classic car models every collector and enthusiast would ever want. more

Monaco Travel Destination

These Italian Brothers Unveil A New Retro Car In Monaco

Leonardo and Vittorio Frigerio have created the Effeffe Berlinetta, which looks very much like an Alfa Romeo from the 1960s. more

Portland Vintage Racing Festival

More Than A Race: 2015 Portland Vintage Racing Festival

For years, mustachioed men have made the pilgrimage from all across the country to participate in the annual Portland Vintage Racing Festival, keen to flog aging racecars around Portland International Raceway's 1.9-mile circuit and through each and every one of its 12 corners. With the wave of a weathered checkered flag, the races were off – marked by a smattering of tepid applause. more

Vintage car stroller

Mississippi Dad Builds A Vintage Car Stroller For His Son

Osenbaugh took his son, Jaxon, to his first car show this year. more

Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider

Meet the 'Lost' Ferrari California Spider

A Ferrari California Spider owned by famous French actors was believed to have been lost before it was discovered with around 60 other vintage models in France. more

Cuba Dealership

Can Cubans Get Car Parts Now?

Cuba is full of vintage American vehicles that people have to work hard to keep running. more

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