Nissan Navara 2.5 dCi 4x4

Nissan Navarra Snaps In Half After Serious Rusting

The driver of another reported incident of the Nissan's 4x4 snapping in half is asking for a recall on the car model. more

Halewood Plant Secure As Ford Seals GBP 1 Billion Sale

Jaguar Land Rover To Create 10,000 Jobs, Produce EVs In The UK

Jaguar Land Rover will produce its range of electric vehicles in the UK. more

National Car Parks, the biggest car park operator in UK, plans to widen parking bays and provide easier access for large vehicles.

'NCP: Widening Parking Bays For Bigger Vehicles'

National Car Parks, the biggest car park operator in UK, plans to widen parking bays and provide easier access for large vehicles, the firm told The Times. more

Nissan Juke

Nissan Might Be Forced To Cease Juke Production In The UK Post Brexit While Auto Sales Continued To Be Brisk In The Country

Nissan said it will seek for compensation from the UK government if it is required to pay tax for exporting from the UK to EU. UK Car sales meanwhile remained strong even though many predicted on the contrary post Brexit. more

Jeremy Clarkson Lauded by British Foreign Secretary, Praises Host For 'British Influence'

British Foreign Secretary Praises Host For 'British Influence' Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson was lauded by British Foreign Secretary, Praises Host For 'British Influence' and for standing the UK flag despite Brexit phenomenon. more

The Final Day Of The EU Referendum Campaign

Industry Experts Warn Against Effects of Brexit Despite High Car Manufacturing Rates

Industry experts warn against the effect of the Brexit (British exit) or the British electorate vote for UK to leave the European Union despite the record breaking car manufacturing rates in 2016’s first half. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Volvo Does Driverless Trials, "Drive Me London" In The UK In 2017

Swedish brand Volvo will be hosting a number of people who would take part in the driverless car trials by next year. more

UK Car Sales Up 8.6 Per Cent Year on Year

16-Digit Car Registrations On All-Time High Record In UK

Low emission vehicles are more favored by new British car owners. more

Paul McCartney

Aston Martin Restored Paul McCartney's 'Hey Jude' DB6

Aston Martin restored the ride Paul McCartney used to write the classic song "Hey Jude." more


BBC’s Tony Hall Receives Death Threat After Dropping Jeremy Clarkson

The BBC's Director-General, Tony Hall, has received death threats following the decision to drop popular "Top Gear" host Jeremy Clarkson from the show. more

Tesla Model S

Tesla Sued in London Over Highway Supercharger Implementation

Tesla was sued in London this week over a dispute regarding if the company interfered with a competitor's plan to introduce electric-car chargers at U.K. highway rest stops. more


Lewis Hamilton’s Brother Becomes BTCC’S First Disabled Driver

Nicolas Hamilton, who has cerebral palsy, will make his debut this summer at the Croft Circuit in Yorkshire on June 27-28 after being granted guest entry by British Touring boss Alan Fow. more

Flooding in England

UK's Wettest January Linked to Climate Change

A University of Oxford team has found that climate change is contributing to more rainy winters and a higher likelihood of flooding for England. more

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