Tesla Boosts EV Deliveries By 70 percent: Model 3 Orders To Be Cleared Out On Schedule?

Tesla Upgrades EV Deliveries By 70 Percent

Tesla has made a remarkable performance as it raised its delivery rate to 70 percent. However, the Tesla Model 3's delivery is still something the car crowd questions. more

Telsa Opens New Flagship Store In San Francisco

Five Reasons the Model Y Might Be Tesla's Most Important EV Ever

Anticipation for the release of Tesla’s first mass-produced electronic vehicle Model 3 is still at an all-time high. But despite the attention that the Model 3 is getting, other “Teslavangelistas” are quite smitten with the release of another model from the acclaimed EV brand. more

Tesla Model S

Tesloop's Tesla Model S That Clocked More Than 200k-Mile Mark Had No Major Maintenance Issues

That the Model S had also been on Autopilot system for most of the journey also ratifies the safety of the system together with the overall robustness of the car as a whole. more

Tesla Model X

Elon Musk Calls For Strict Implementation Of The Company's No Discount Policy For Tesla EVs

Tesla has called upon his employees to bring an immediate end to the practice of offering discounts on new cars as some share holders claim is prevalent. more

Car Makers Reveal New Models At N. American International Auto Show In Detroit

Chevrolet vs Tesla: Chevvy Slams Leading Brand For EV Development?

Tesla might be the leading brand apparently because of launching a wave of electric cars, but the study shows that Chevrolet is still the expert in the auto industry. The details revealed that Chevrolet Bolt reached 238 miles on a single charge while Tesla Model 3 is only expected to reach at least 215 miles per charge more

Panamera from Kreisel Electric

Austrian Brothers Take On Tesla With Better Power Pack Technology

Austrian startup claims their battery pack technology allows the Li-Ion cells to retain their power longer than those from Tesla, leading to cars that have longer ranges and faster acceleration. more

Electric Car Maker Telsa Announces Nevada Site For New Battery Factory

Tesla Model Y: Why EV Maker Needs To Expedite Its Upcoming SUV Before Its Competitors Catch Up

Tesla Model Y might be out after the car company launches the Model 3 by the second half of 2017. However, there would be a lot of competitors when they release the mass-priced SUV EV. more

Model S EGT

Tesla Model S-based Electric GT Racing Car For Electric GT Championship (EGT) Reveled In Ibiza

The Tesla Model S P85 that would taking part in the Electric GT Championship (EGT) has undergone some extensive modifications to allow for better aerodynamics and handling. more

Tesla Roadster

What Happens When You Ignore Tesla's Autopiliot Warning?

Has the autopilot mode become safer? Indeed, it has. Tesla in its new 8.0 update to its autopilot mode answers several security questions. more

Tesla Model S P100D vs Tesla Model S P90D

Model S P100D VS Model S P90D: Watch the Battle of EV Titans Here!

A drag race unlike any other when a Model S P100D is pitched against the Model S P90D. It surely is not the usual drag race that we might have come across so far when its the Model S P100D that is pitched against the P90D. The P100D wins but by what margin. The video has it all. more

Top 5 Best Affordable EVs Available In The Market Today

See the The 5 Best Affordable EVs of Then and Now

Electric vehicles, as well as their manufacturers, are really increasing in number. It is now time to check out 5 of the best affordable EVs available today. more

Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3: What Keeps Tesla EVs Ahead Its Rivals?

Which EV is Better as to Price and Range, Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3

Electric car enthusiast is of the cue on which is the better EV between the all new Chevy Bolt or the much awaited Tesla Model 3. more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Tries To Avoid Hot Car Deaths With New Software

California-based electric company Tesla said Monday it will set a goal to lessen and prevent the increasing rate of hot car deaths by adding Version 8.0, an automatic temperature control car software. more

Tesla is Canada's Most Trusted Auto Manufacturing Company

Canadians Vote Tesla as the Most Trusted Car Brand

It might not be such a bad year for the EV manufacturing company after all. Despite controversy and the least number of sales among auto companies, Tesla is Canada's most trusted car brand. Learn why! more

Mercedes-Benz F 015

Mercedes Has A Treasure Trove Of Self-Driving Technologies It Had Perfected Back In Mid-80s

Mercedes and self-driving cars might not be as associated as Tesla is with its Autopilot system at the moment though the fact is the German manufacturer has perfected the technology three decades back. more

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