Tesla Supercharger

Get an Electric Car in 2020 and You Won’t Regret It

Get an Electric Car in 2020 and You Won’t Regret It

Buying into the green car revolution in 2020 will be a good choice. By trading gas-powered cars for an electric vehicle which is eco-friendly and does help off-set the effect of carbon emissions. more

Electric car Charging Networks in California power outages by PG & E affected

Electric Car Charging Networks in California power outages by PG & E affected

Nothing strikes fear into owners of electric cars than a massive electric power shutdown. Until now, that wasn’t much of a concern. When Tesla owners, they found out to their dismay. There was no power in the charging networks, and their vehicles were left with a 0 charge. more

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Model S Drivers Can Now Check The Status Of Supercharger Stations In Real-Time

Tesla's real-time Supercharger availability charger data allow drivers to find alternative charging stations during peak hours or long distance travels. more

Tesla supercharger

Tesla Supercharger Fees Announced; $120 From LA To New York Estimated Fee

Tesla Supercharger fees will start this week and today Tesla revealed how much it's going to cost. Estimately, a trip from Los Angeles to New York will cost around $120 and a shorter trip from LA to San Francisco will cost $15. This applies to new buyers of Tesla vehicles only. more

What A Tesla Supercharger Station Is Really Like

Tesla Supercharger Station Still Free; Two Weeks Extension By Elon Musk

Tesla Supercharger Station for free is one of the main advantages of buying Tesla cars worth thousands of dollars. However, Tesla recently shocked the world by declaring that the superchargers will cease to be free. Now Elon Musk is giving extra two weeks to their loyal customers. more

Telsa Motors Opens New 'Supercharger' Station In Fremont, California

Tesla Motors To Charge “Supercharger Idle Fee” For A Better Charging Experience

While driving your Tesla, you notice that you're nearly empty. You arrive at the nearest Supercharger station, at last! But as you look, you see every spot taken by other cars, probably all charged up and ready to roll. "Now, where are the drivers?" you ask. Tesla shares your disgust and, to be fair, is now doing something about it by imposing a different kind of charge. more

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