Google Self-Driving Car

New Survey Claims Public Not One Hundred Percent Looking Forward To Fully Autonomous Vehicles

A new survey says that autonomous vehicles are not being favored by many Americans. They are said to be wary about it. more

Plug-In EVs

Electric Cars Outperform Gas-Powered Vehicles In Cutting Emissions, Study Finds

Since the average electric car in the U.S. produces pollution equivalent to that of a gas car that gets 68 miles per gallon, EVs cut emissions by 60 percent compared to their fossil-fuel counterparts, the study noted. more


American Drivers Still Want Traditional AM/FM Radios in Their Cars

Cars and music go hand in hand. more

Virginia Tech researchers

Hydrogen Cars Could Soon Run on 'Dirty Biomass'

Virginia Tech researchers have figured out a new, cheaper way to produce hydrogen fuel for cars. more

Delphi Self-driving car

Self-Driving Cars May Make People Car Sick

Self-driving cars are coming, that much is clear. Instead of worrying about how they'll interact with non-self-driving cars, or stop signs, it seems we should all be more concerned if they'll come with barf bags. more

Teen driver

Phones, Friends and Music Are Distracting Teen Drivers (VIDEO)

Distracted driving is to blame for almost 60 percent of traffic accidents involving teens, according to a new study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. more


Ride-Sharing Reduces DUI Incidents?

Uber has partnered with MADD for a new study showing that ride-sharing services may help stop potential drunk drivers. more

Fiat 500

Has Car-Buying Peaked?

A new study says that the number of vehicles on the road and the amount of fuel used per driver have fallen. more

Red-Light Cameras

Do Red-Light Cameras Really Reduce Injury?

The Chicago Tribune has commissioned a new study finding that the benefits of installing cameras may not outweigh the costs. more

Electric Vehicles

How 'Green' Is That EV?

A new study has found that electric vehicles can actually be dirtier than traditional gas-powered options. more


Older Vehicles Could Mean More Pollution

Researchers have found that the average age of the U.S. vehicle fleet has increased by two years, making for "dirtier" cars that release more emissions. more


Study Says Data Misrepresents Society

Social media sites can't be used for research unless scientists allow for their population limitations, a new study says. more

Drowsy Driving

Tired Driving Related to 1 in 5 Crashes

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety examined 14,268 crashes that occurred in years 2009-'13. more

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Mountain Air Has Pollution, Too

Researchers have found levels of ozone in Colorado mountains that is comparable to those found at lower elevations. more


Scientists Contrast Pizza Cheeses

New Zealand scientists have compared various types of cheese to see which melts and browns the best. more

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