Russian ATV Taurus 2x2 All-Terrain Motorcycle

The Taurus 2 x 2 Foldable All-Terrain Motorcycle From Russia Is Designed To Do On Two Wheels What A 4WD Car Does

The Taurus 2 x 2 seems best suited for adventure or fun trips or special missions such as search & rescue operations and such. more

Bee car

Montana Highway Patrol Cites Driver For Careless Driving With Loose Bees

Montana Highway Patrol responded to an unusual call on May 22 claiming a car was "driving all over the road" with bees flying around inside the car and on the windows. more


Russia’s Superhighway Would Link London and New York

Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin has proposed a new plan for a trans-Siberian highway that could link Russia with the Alaska. more


Sea Plankton Growing on ISS?

Russian cosmonauts say that sea plankton has been found on a space module, but NASA hasn't confirmed the report. more

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