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U.S. Regulators Reject Volkswagen's Recall Plan

The California Air Resources Board on Tuesday rejected Volkswagen’s proposed plan to recall vehicles 2-liter diesel engines that trick emission tests, which was aimed at handling the automaker's emission-cheating scandal. more

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Nevs, Panda New Energy Sign $12 Billion Electric Car Deal

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs) announced Thursday that it has struck a $12 billion deal with Panda New Energy that will supply the Chinese leasing company with 150,000 electric cars. more

Plug-In EVs

Electric Cars Outperform Gas-Powered Vehicles In Cutting Emissions, Study Finds

Since the average electric car in the U.S. produces pollution equivalent to that of a gas car that gets 68 miles per gallon, EVs cut emissions by 60 percent compared to their fossil-fuel counterparts, the study noted. more

Google Street View Cars

Google Street View Cars Map Smog Levels in Bay Area

Google partnered with Aclima Inc. to map air pollution in the San Francisco Bay Area. more

Rolling Coal

Rejoice Environmentalists: New Jersey Bans 'Rolling Coal' in Diesel Vehicles

Rolling coal is now illegal in the Garden State which means if you see a diesel vehicle spewing black smoke they're going to get a ticket. more

Electric Vehicles

How 'Green' Is That EV?

A new study has found that electric vehicles can actually be dirtier than traditional gas-powered options. more

2016 Toyota Mirai

Toyota Plant Turns Methane into Power

Toyota's assembly plant in Georgetown, Ky., will be partially powered by electricity from converted methane gas. more


China Offers Green Tax Breaks

China wants 5 million green vehicles on roads by 2020. more

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Mountain Air Has Pollution, Too

Researchers have found levels of ozone in Colorado mountains that is comparable to those found at lower elevations. more


Slower Ships Protect Whales

A new program is attempting to reduce pollution and protect whales in the Santa Barbara Channel by paying shippers to travel more slowly. more


UN Report Calls for Huge Carbon Reduction

A draft report prepared for the United Nations says that the U.S. will have to reduce carbon emissions levels by 90 percent. more


NASA Shows Cleaner Air

A NASA satellite capturing images over the last decade has revealed that levels of nitrogen dioxide are down. more


Pollution Threatens Orcas

The small population of orcas inhabiting inland Washington State is the subject of a new NOAA study that took place over the last 10 years. more

Beijing, China Smog

China Launches Pollution App

Two environmental groups have collaborated for an app that tracks air quality in real time, marking violating factories in red. more

Golden Gate Bridge

Bay Area Issues Smog Advisory

High temperatures and low winds will likely increase smog levels in the Bay Area possibly through Thursday. more

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