Mars Curiosity Rover Suffers Wheel Slippage During Martian Mountain Climb

The rover's six wheels slipped during three out of four attempts made from the base of the "Jocko Butte" feature to the boundary in the "Logan Pass" area between May 7 and May 13. more


NASA Invests $500K in Mars

NASA is giving $500,000 to Idaho State University researchers who are studying Mars topography. more


Mars Map Released

Using data from four satellites, researchers have put together the most detailed map yet of the surface of Mars. more


Extroverts Might Be Unpopular in Space

A new study found that extroverts could have a hard time getting along with less talkative crew members on simulated space missions. more


Mars One Plans 2024 Trip

A nonprofit is planning to send four settlers to Mars in 2024. more


Bacteria from Earth Could Survive in Space

Could bacteria colonize Mars before we do? more


NASA To Launch Mars 'Flying Saucer' over Hawaii

NASA plans to test a disk-shaped spacecraft over the Pacific Ocean this summer in preparation for a Mars mission. more


NASA Eyes Manned Mars Mission

NASA is looking to send a manned mission to Mars in about 20 years. more


NASA Plans To Put People on Mars

NASA has detailed broad steps of a plan to get astronauts on the surface of Mars by the 2030s. more


Comet Heading to Mars Has Dust Jets

Comet Sliding Spring is on its way to pass Mars by just 84,000 miles in October. more


Vacuum Chamber Mimics Surface of Mars

Spanish scientists have built a simulation chamber that imitates the surface of Mars down to its dust. more


Mars Orbiter Put into 'Safe Mode'

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is temporarily on "safe mode" after it unexpectedly switched computers, something that hasn't happened in more than two years. more

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