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Lance Stroll Talks About His Journey From F3 To F1

Lance Stroll’s Crash Halted Williams Pre-Season Run

Williams has tof stop in the pre-season because of the damages caused by Lance Stroll's crash. more

Red Bull Will Out-power Mercedes This Year Using The Renault Engine

Red Bull Will Outpower Mercedes This Year Using The Renault Engine

Mercedes-Benz might lose its three time world championship against Red Bull Racing Formula One Team because of Renault engine. more

Fernando Alonso's 2014 Season Highlights

Fernando Alonso Says F1 Racing Now Boring; Peak Ended 2010 With Michael Schumacher

Fernando Alonso has pointed out that the current F1 is now as boring as in the days of Prost and Senna due to the difference between the different cars. The Spaniard F1 racer believes the best moment of the category was in the 2000s where he and Michael Schumacher dueled. more

Valtteri Bottas – My Path – Episode #1 – Who is Valtteri?

F1 News: Valtteri Bottas Ready To Beat Possible Teammate Lewis Hamilton And Win F1 Championship

There had been lots of rumors that Valtteri Bottas has been chosen by Mercedes to replace Nico Rosberg. Now Mika Hakkinen, one of the racers representatives confirms that Mercedes will sign Bottas and is just waiting for the right time for the announcement. In addition, Bottas said that he is ready to be a champion and defeat possible teammate, Lewis Hamilton. more

GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma

Mario Andretti Refuses To Slow Down, The World Champion's Racing Days Aren't Over

Mario Andretti is still going over 200mph, despite his age. more

Ferrari Launch New F1 Car

The Chance to Own Two Ferrari F2004 Is Here!

Have you been dreaming of driving one of the fastest cars in history? Now is the chance to make it happen. more

Red Bull Racing Sunset Sands

F1 News: Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo Eyed By Mercedes, Red Bull Says Hands Off As They Are Ready To Get The Title Next Year

In F1 news, Mercedes continue to find a replacement for 2016 F1 world champion Nico Rosberg. Red Bull racers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo is now being eye but Red Bull is quick to reply and says hands off as they are ready to get the title next year. Red Bull finishes second to Mercedes on this year's F1 race. more

F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain - Previews

F1 News: Nico Rosberg Shocking Retirement, Fernando Alonso To Sign For Mercedes Before Christmas?

There's an abundance of controversial F1 news nowadays as Nico Rosberg shocks the world with his retirement and now Mercedes lacks one powerful driver for F1 season. But not for long as it seems that Fernando Alonso is set to transfer to Mercedes before Christmas. more

F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

The Oddest F1 Racing Cars Ever Made

In the pursuit of speed, some car companies have created some of the oddest F1 cars. more

F1 News Hamilton: Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Continues To Defy Mercedes As Accepting Defeat Not In Vocabulary

Lewis Hamilton continues to defy Mercedes as the three time and former F1 world champion is having a hard time accepting defeat. This F1 news comes a day after Mercedes told presses that Hamilton may get punishment because of ignoring instructions at the 2016 Abu Dhabi GP. more

85th Geneva International Motor Show - Day 1

Mercedes-AMG to Release Super Efficient Hyper Car in 2019; See F1 Car Racer Dominate the Streets

Mercedes-AMG is on its way to release in 2019 a hypercar that is more efficient and superior than other hypercars now dominating the streets. Using the F1 technology, this still unnamed car is expected to be supreme both in speed and fuel efficiency. more

Lewis Hamilton Places 2nd In The Formula One Grand Prix of Singapore

F1 News: Lewis Hamilton To Make An Album With Kanye West After Championship? [VIDEO]

Lewis Hamilton's chance on this year's championship is truly at odds. His team mate Nico Rosberg will most likely end up the champion. Everyone is eagerly looking forward on the race in Abu Dhabi this coming November 27. more

Lance Stroll Confirmed For F1

F1 News: Lance Stroll Confirmed For Williams, Father Spent $80 Million For Support

In F1 news, Lance Stroll is now officially confirmed to join the Williams team for 2017 Formula 1 Season. Stroll will be the youngest F1 driver in the world and his billionaire father is all out in support as it is reported that $80 Million was shell out to sponsor his son for F1. more

Drivers Face The Press | US Grand Prix 2016

F1 News: Watch Lewis Hamilton Beat Nico Rosberg At US Grand Prix

In F1 news, Lewis Hamilton won first place at the 2016 F1 US Grand Prix at Austin held last Weekend. Hamilton's win allowed him to cut the lead of teammate Nico Rosberg by seven and widen his chances for a world title again. more

Formula 1 News: Daniel Ricciardo Expects Ferrari To Perform Better In Japan

F1 News: Daniel Ricciardo Expects Ferrari To Perform Better In U.S. Race [VIDEO]

Formula 1 news revealed that Daniel Ricciardo has noticed his Ferrari-driving rivals have improved their performance during the Formula 1 World Championship races. more

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