Instagram Update Forgives Typos

The Explore tab has also been updated to help users find related accounts. more

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Wants You To Unfollow

Facebook is rolling out new tools to help users control what they see on their News Feeds; meanwhile, the company wants you to remember that unfollowing is always an option. more


Secret, Snapchat Aren't That Secure

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has graded 39 messaging services on security. more

Facebook Logo

Facebook Offers Encrypted Access

Through Tor software, Facebook can have a secure connection that goes through three extra encrypted leaps to random computers. more

Netflix Logo

Netflix Has a New Sharing System

Netflix's new recommendations system will let users suggest their favorite movies and TV shows to specific friends. more

Facebook Logo

Facebook Tests Search Feature

Facebook has rolled out Graph Search to a select number of users. more

Facebook Logo

Sam Lessin Leaving Facebook

The vice president of product management will finish his time at Facebook on Aug. 29. more

Facebook Logo

Facebook Ads Are Watching You

Facebook has introduced a new "cross-device" reporting system that lets marketers know whether users see their ads on a computer or a phone. more

Facebook Logo

Don't Download This Facebook App

The latest scam to surface on Facebook is an app called Facebook Color Changer that reroutes users to malicious websites. more

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg Valued at $33.3 Billion

The new list of the world's richest people has Mark Zuckerberg at No. 16, just ahead of Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin. more


Instagram Debuting Snapchat Rival?

The Instagram for Android app featured a mysterious link to "one tap" app Bolt for a few users. more

Facebook Logo

Facebook Launches 'Save'

Facebook is introducing a new feature that will let you bookmark posts to read later. more


Facebook Launches Buy Feature

Facebook is attempting to get users to buy stuff through the site again, this time with a "buy" button. more

Facebook Launches Mentions App

Facebook Launches 'Mentions' App

Facebook's new app for iPhone is for celebrities and other public figures only. more

Facebook Logo

99 Days without Facebook?

"99 Days of Freedom" encourages users to stay away from the site for 99 days. more

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