Weekly Government Cabinet Meeting

Fiat Chrysler’s shares went down after dishing meeting with Germany

Automobile manufacturer Fiat Chrysler has their shares went down to rubble after a German transport minister released a statement regarding the company. The Germany's transport minister was not happy over the Fiat Chrysler's ditching of the meeting that is set to focus on emissions. more

Volkswagen Holds Annual Press Conference

Volkswagen faces threatened lawsuit filed by Norway’s wealth fund due to emission scandal

On Sunday, a Norway independent wealth fund has expressed their interest to attach with the class-action lawsuit scheduled to be filed against Volkswagen due to the scandal regarding emissions. Further, the wealth fund requested oil companies for reports regarding climate change. more

Plug-In EVs

Electric Cars Outperform Gas-Powered Vehicles In Cutting Emissions, Study Finds

Since the average electric car in the U.S. produces pollution equivalent to that of a gas car that gets 68 miles per gallon, EVs cut emissions by 60 percent compared to their fossil-fuel counterparts, the study noted. more


BMW Stock Drops After Report Claims Company's Diesel Cars Exceed Emission Limits

Volkswagen apparently isn’t the only automaker that’s experiencing issues with exceeding emission limits, as a new report from German magazine Auto Bild claims that some of BMW’s diesel cars are exceeding Europe’s air pollution limits. more

Rush hour

Paris Hates Old Cars

Paris officials are looking to ban all vehicles registered before 2011 from city streets by 2020. more


China Vows Emissions Cap

China has announced that it will place an absolute cap on carbon emissions in two years. more


EPA: Cut Carbon Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency has outlined a plan to lower carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent. more

2015 Hyundai Sonata Picture

Hyundai-Kia Takes 'Greenest' Title

The combined Hyundai-Kia company has been using smaller turbocharged engines as well as introducing hybrid versions of its top-selling models. more

Golden Gate Bridge

Bay Area Issues Smog Advisory

High temperatures and low winds will likely increase smog levels in the Bay Area possibly through Thursday. more


Transportation Tops CO2 Levels

Transportation will be the biggest culprit in the next several decades when it comes to greenhouse gas levels, says an upcoming report to be presented to the United Nations. more

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