climate change


UN Report Calls for Huge Carbon Reduction

A draft report prepared for the United Nations says that the U.S. will have to reduce carbon emissions levels by 90 percent. more

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

Virginia Urged To Cap Emissions

An environmental group has proposed a 10-point plan to minimize the effects of climate change in Virginia. more


Climate Change Threatens Penguins

Researchers say a marine reserve is needed to protect the krill that make up most of the Antarctica emperor penguin's diet. more

Flooding in England

Wet Summer for UK?

A new study finds that climate change will increase heavy rainfall and flash flooding in the U.K. more

New Jersey Shore

Groups Fight Seabed Study

A group of researchers wants to gather seismic images of the ocean floor, but local environmental advocates say the sound will disturb marine life too much. more

Ocean Island

Study Links Tropics to US Winter

A new study has linked one of the worst winters on record to rising temperatures in Pacific waters. more

Statue of Liberty

Climate Change Threatens Landmarks

Scientists predict that flooding and erosion will take away some of our historic landmarks in the next century. more

Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica

Scientists Say Antarctica Is Melting

Two new studies indicate that the crucial West Antarctica ice sheet is melting as waters warm. more

Global Warming

Will Climate Change Melt Antarctica?

Researchers say a crucial ice rim keeping East Antarctica's Wilkes Basin in place is in danger from climate change. more

Flooding in England

UK's Wettest January Linked to Climate Change

A University of Oxford team has found that climate change is contributing to more rainy winters and a higher likelihood of flooding for England. more

Marine Snails Have Dissolving Shells

Acidic Ocean Water Is Dissolving Snail Shells

A new study shows that a spike in acidity for the waters off the West Coast has been increasingly melting the shells of tiny pteropods. more

Bird in Congo Rain Forest

Congo Rain Forest Losing Its Green

The rain forest near the Congo River basin appears to be less green as the trees lose some capacity to photosynthesize. more


Transportation Tops CO2 Levels

Transportation will be the biggest culprit in the next several decades when it comes to greenhouse gas levels, says an upcoming report to be presented to the United Nations. more


ExxonMobil: We Need Carbon Fuels

ExxonMobil has released a report detailing the company's plan for dealing with climate change and upcoming government restrictions on greenhouse gases. more

Global Warming

Arctic Ice Fifth-Lowest on Record

Sea ice has declined by around 282,000 square miles this year compared with the average recorded ice levels from 1981 to 2010. more

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