Model S

Man Builds His Own Tesla Network

Zong Yi bought a new Tesla Model S and decided to pay for 20 charging stations between Beijing and Guangzhou. more


Firm Reports Tesla Hack

A competition to hack into a Tesla vehicle apparently resulted in Beijing hackers taking over the car's locks, horn, headlights and skylight while it was moving. more


VW, Daimler Aim for China

Volkswagen will invest $2.7 billion into two new factories in China, while Daimler is looking to pass its rivals in China sales this year. more

Deuteragenia ossarium

Wasp Uses Ant Bodies

A new species of wasp found in eastern China has stacks of ant bodies around its brood chambers more


China Wants a Tesla

A state-run research center has recommended the government relax restrictions to allow companies other than automakers to develop EVs. more

World's Oldest Pair of Pants

Ancient Pants Discovered

Researchers have found what they believe are the world's oldest pair of trousers along with horseback riding equipment, hinting that wearing pants became common as more people rode horses. more


China Vows Emissions Cap

China has announced that it will place an absolute cap on carbon emissions in two years. more


Parking Spot for $160,000?

Parking spots in central apartment buildings can cost up to 1 million yuan, according to Beijing News. more


Oldest Known Pterodactyl Found in China

A fossil misidentified for years as a theropod is actually the oldest known example of a pterodactyl. more

Google Logo

Google Encrypting Search in China

Google has started encrypting searches in China, where the "Great Firewall" censors sensitive search terms. more

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