Experiment Reveals that Brain Circuit Contributes to Sleep-Wake Cycle

Scientists claims to have hit upon the specific region of the brain that deals with the sleep or wake functionality of invertebrates. more


IBM Chip Imitates a Brain

IBM scientists have built a computer chip with 5.4 billion transistors that is about as complex as a the brain of a bee. more


Man Becomes Math Genius after Brain Injury

A man from Washington state developed the ability to see the world in geometric structures after being severely beaten outside a bar in 2002. more


Scientists Map Mouse's Brain

Researchers have unveiled a diagram of the mouse's brain that maps nearly all of its 295 distinct structures. more

MRI Scans Can Show What Face You're Looking At

Brain Scans Show Faces You're Picturing

A Yale University research team found that human faces could be reconstructed using just MRI brain scans of the people viewing them. more

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