Tesla Model S Autopilot

Drivers Testing Out Tesla Model S' Self-Driving Capabilities (VIDEO)

Tesla Model S owners can now sit back while their car drives on local streets, highways, locates a parking spot and parallel parks. more

Volvo Drive Me

Volvo Customers To Test Auto Pilot

Volvo is foraying into "uncharted territory" with its self-driving project. more

Mark Fields

Will Software Kill Car Brands?

Ford's Mark Fields says the company needs to be careful not to "end up like the [phone] handset business." more

Mercedes-Benz Luxury in Motion Concept

Self-Driving Cars by 2025?

Will everyday consumers transition to autonomous vehicles over the next decade? more

Rinspeed XChangE Concept

Thanksgiving of the Future

We're still waiting on that self-driving car. more

2014 Tesla Model S Picture

Model 3 To Feature Auto-Pilot Tech

The Model 3 expected to be available in about three years will have some auto-pilot technology, while Musk expects fully autonomous vehicles in five or six years. more

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